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Advanced Search

This field searches all of the indexed fields in TRID which include title, abstract, notes, index terms, subject areas, record accession numbers (both TRIS and ITRD), and authors.

Enter one or more terms from a title or the exact title to search on a publication title.

Enter one or more terms to search for records from a serial or conference.

Enter one or more terms to search by TR News issue number or TRR number.

Click the field or use the down arrow to select a TRB subject area to limit search results by a specific transportation mode, function, or activity. You may also start typing to filter the list, then use the arrow keys or highlight with the cursor to select a subject area. Multiple subject areas may be selected; simply repeat the process as for selecting the first subject area. If you select multiple subject areas, you can switch between "or"/"and" Boolean logic for your selections by selecting the appropriate radio button.

*Note that ITRD Subjects are searchable in the keyword field

Enter complete or partial terms to search for report, contract or grant numbers.

To search for multiple terms, use OR to separate search terms.

Begin typing an index term. If the term is from the Transportation Research Thesaurus (TRT), matching terms will appear in a drop down list from which you can select terms. More than one term may be selected; in this case the default Boolean operator is OR.

Uncontrolled terms and ITRD Thesaurus terms do not appear in the drop down list but are still searchable in this field. To search uncontrolled terms or ITRD thesaurus terms, simply enter the terms on which you wish to search and press Enter.

To use Boolean logic and/or wildcards, simply enter the query without selecting any terms from the drop down list.

Enter a person's last/family name and first/given name or initial to search among authors and editors. You can use wildcards and Boolean logic to search across all matching names, including first names.

Note that a query for Smith, R* will return results for 'Smith, Robert,' 'Smith, Richard' and authors 'Smith and Robert' or other last/family and first/given names that begin with the letter R. It will not return results for 'Smith, Bob'. Please keep in mind that due to differences in indexing practices among the various contributors to the TRID Database, some records contain only first/given initials rather than full names.

Select from the list to limit your search to publications, monograph or analytic publications, or a combination.

Checking this box will only display results that have associated direct or indirect URL links to the full text document. Many publishers charge a fee for downloading the full text.

Select Date Range

The default is set to search all dates. To narrow your search, enter a start and end date, or select one of the presets.

The range entered in the From and To fields limits results based on the option selected in the Date Range Type field, which can be set to search project start date, project end date, or system created date.

Use YYYY or YYYYMM as the date format.

Date Range Type

Use these parameters to change the order in which results are displayed.

Sort Order

Select the number of results shown on each page.

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