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About RSS

An RSS feed is a standardized way of delivering new content on the web using XML. Subscribing to an RSS feed allows you to read updates in a single location, rather than visiting different websites. Using an RSS reader, you can subscribe to RSS feeds that are of interest to you. Your RSS reader will automatically check those websites on a regular basis and deliver the new items to you. For TRID many kinds of content can be distributed using the RSS format including search results, topic alerts, and new projects that have been added to the database.

The latest versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari, and Mozilla’s Firefox support RSS feeds without downloading special software (see the browser's Help for instructions). RSS readers are available for a range of computer platforms, many at low or no cost.

Subscribing to our RSS Feed

Once you pick an RSS feed reader, it is time to subscribe to RSS feeds. Perform a search of TRID on a topic for which you wish to receive upates.

Then to subscribe to an RSS feed on the desired search query:

  • Follow the instructions of your RSS feed reader. Each RSS feed reader is a little different.
  • On the search results page left click on the RSS icon located at the top of search results, and follow the instructions.
  • On the search results page right click on the RSS icon located at the top of search results, copy link location, and paste the URL into your RSS feed reader.
  • On the search results page, click on and find the button for your particular RSS Feed Reader, click and then follow instructions.