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A Simulation Model for Performance Analysis of Electric Autonomous Taxi Systems

Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting, 2017, 14p

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Modeling Vacant Yellow Taxi Customer Search Behavior in a Holiday Week in New York City

Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, 2016, 17p

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Pedestrian Crossing Characteristics on Exclusive Right-Turn Lane with Island

Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting, 2015, 14p

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A Comprehensive Taxi Assessment Index Using Floating Car Data

Transportation Research Board 93rd Annual Meeting, 2014, 18p

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An Ecorouting Model Considering Microscopic Vehicle Operating Conditions

Transportation Research Board 92nd Annual Meeting, 2013, 17p

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Analysis of Stacking Priority Rules to Improve Drayage Operations Using Existing and Emerging Technologies

Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Issue 2162, 2010, pp 1-8

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A Network Model for Multiple-Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problems of Public Transit

Transportation Research Board 86th Annual Meeting, 2007, 22p

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